Our Collections

Within the Heritage Centre at the Albertland and Districts Museum we have priceless and irreplaceable collections from many pioneer Albertland Families including:

  • The Brookes Family Collection
  • Henry Barton’s Journal of Intending Passengers to Albertland (1860’s)
  • Ships Passenger Lists (1860’s)
  • Parish Land Records and maps for most first owners in all Parishes from Okura to Arai. (Anderson research)
  • Copies of The Albertland Gazette (1860’s)
  • The Harold Marsh Photographic Collection 1900 - 1948
  • Don Worsnop Photographic Collection 1950 – 2000
  • Coast to Coast Newspaper photographs
  • Cliff Grant Photographic collection 1950 - 2000
  • The Halfpenny Scrapbook Collection of Local Newspaper clippings (indexed by surname)
  • School Admission Records:
    • Hoteo North, closed 1940
    • Port Albert, closed 1940
    • Tomarata/Forest Reserve up to 1933
    • Waiteitei, closed 1938
    • Wayby, closed 1940
    • Whangaripo closed 1938
    • Wellsford Primary and DHS up to 1940
  • Births, Deaths, and Marriages
  • Cemetery Headstone Transcript Records
    • Port Albert
    • Minniesdale
    • Wellsford

Acquisition and Collection Policies

Accepting items for the collection is governed by the Museum's Acquisition and Collection policies.

To be accepted items should be in some way relevant to the history of the Albertland District.

They may not be accepted if they would have more relevance in another Museum outside the Albertland District or in a specialist Museum elsewhere. The Museum must be certain it will be able to house or display items in a secure and safe environment before accepting them.

Items that are seriously decayed or damaged or are in such a condition that they create a risk to other items in the collection will not be accepted. Items that are the same as or similar to items already in the collection will not be accepted unless they are in substantially better condition.

Items may be acquired by the Museum through gift, bequest, exchange or purchase. While the Museum pursues a policy of actively adding to its collection, financial constraints mean items are purchased only under exceptional circumstances. The Museum does not accept items on any type of long-term loan. All items accepted for the collection must have clear title and that title must pass fully to the Museum. An exception to this policy will be made for Taonga Tuturu deposited with the Museum under the terms of the Protected Objects Act 1975